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Welcome to Boise Best Lawns. Servicing many areas throughout the Treasure Valley including, Boise, Meridian, Star and Eagle. Thank You for taking the time to check out our site. By doing this you have taken the first step in receiving your very own personalized service from Boise Best Lawns. We are confident that given the chance we will be the number one choice for all your lawn needs.  Mowing, trimming, fertilizing, spring clean up, and end of year maintenance, we can do all or custom to fit your needs.

Spring cleaning can be the hardest and most time consuming part of your yearly lawn care.  Out with the old and in with the new is exactly what this time of year has in mind. Cleaning up dead grass, limbs, leaves weeds and various other forms of debris.

in your yard can be a challenge. But we all know you have to start somewhere! This is the perfect place to start with Boise Best lawns. No matter what your yard, planters may need after months of winter dormancy; we will rise to the challenge!

Fertilizing and treating your lawn is one of the most important steps we take in our yearly lawn care. By fertilizing and treating your lawn not only achieves the look and grass color you want, but you help control and eliminate many different weeds. Also, you may not realize these steps also help with controlling many of the small insects that invade, and wreak havoc on your yard year after year.  But let’s face it, most of us have no idea what fertilizers to use, not to mention when, where, and how much, right?  Add that to the crazy schedules most of us deal with in our daily lives, what is your best solution?   Call 208-534-6543 for an appointment and let Boise Best Lawns take care of it for you!

Mowing is probably the first thing you think of when you hear about lawn care, and if this is true, you are certainly not alone. Having that beautiful, lush green color surrounds your house and patio is something we all strive for. Mowing is the most frequent step used to achieve the look you want by keeping your lawn at the perfect length, with every blade cut in unison. But anyone can mow a lawn, right? WRONG!  Just like not everyone can paint a perfect picture, not everyone can mow a perfect lawn. Talent and passion for lawn care are 2 of the qualities we pride ourselves on at Boise Best Lawns.  By hiring Best Boise Lawns you will to get the look you want, at a price you can afford.

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Trimming is one of the most tedious parts of perfect lawn care.  Good equipment and a steady hand are key ingredients in achieving that perfect edge. Ever tried to trim and taken chunk after chunk of grass and dirt out of the edge of your lawn? We all have! That is why trimming is one of the most frustrating parts of lawn care. Solution = hand it over to Boise Best Lawns! WE not only trim your grass to match your contour of your yard, but we also blow all the excess grass of your side walk. Great trimming and great cleaning, what could be better?

At the middle of fall when the leaves begin to fall is when we end our lawn care responsibilities.  Raking leaves or mowing them down will begin the fall clean up.   Once the mowing stops is usually when you can do your winter fertilization or better yet we can do that for you also, then we will see you again if you want us to fertilize just before the start of spring around the end of February or 1st part of March.

As you have read we are passionate about many things at Boise Best Lawns, all of which include lawns, lawns, and lawns!  If you want someone with integrity to take pride in your lawn as our own, then give us a call, let’s make an appointment for Boise Best Lawnss to come by, check out your yard or lawn, and give you a free quote. Quality and customer satisfaction are the basis of our company.  We are not happy unless you are happy!


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